15: Enter… Dr. Doom! (with Dugan Trodglen)

Dugan Trodglen–musician, comics retailer, journalist, and technically a character within the Marvel Universe–joins Douglas Wolk to discuss Avengers #25 (and the final panel of #24), in which we learn that Doctor Doom has a transparent dome that can cover the entirety of Latveria, and that it’s controlled by a lever. Topics of our conversation include Don Heck’s fortes as an artist, the beginning of Wanda Maximoff’s fraught relationship with TV sets, the putative hipness of Hawkeye, Wally Schirra’s advertisement for Actifed (as seen below), and relevant videos of MF DOOM.

Dugan plays drums with D.Q.E. on D.Q.E. & Jad Fair, The Queen of Mean and I’m Your Girl, all of which are available from Dark Beloved Cloud!

Latveria’s plastithene skies (and… marmalade trees?)

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