30: Come Sing a Searing Song of Vengeance! (with James Kakalios)

Professor James Kakalios, the author of “The Physics of Superheroes,” joins Douglas Wolk to discuss Warlock #4-7, featuring a very different Victor Von Doom. Topics include whether Counter-Earth has a moon, how Kate Pryde’s powers might work (and why the Flash’s powers definitely don’t), whether astrophysicists would know about Counter-Earth, how many physics labs have hotlines to the White House, the two other Counter-Earths, and the most important psychological difference between Reed Richards and Doom.

The Voice of Latveria will be taking a week or two off while I’m gearing up for the release of All of the Marvels on October 12–although I’ll be posting about some book release events here soon! The podcast will return with some pretty remarkable guests for this fall, though.

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