8: Doom Quest (with Jay Edidin)

Jay Edidin of Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men joins Douglas to discuss the X-Men/Doctor Doom ’98 Annual, a.k.a. (as Jay puts it) “Victor Von Doom and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From.” Topics include the peculiar beard of the Onslaught homunculus, Jean Grey’s spotty memory of her Antarctic adventure, what was happening just off-panel while Wolverine was getting eviscerated in “Days of Future Past” (see below), the career hazards of seers, and Magneto-clone Joseph’s status as a twunk.

(That issue, everybody died.)
(Well, not everybody everybody.)

Incidentally, as it turns out, the tiny little Onslaught dude had shown up before–in Wolverine #104, as Wolverine is explaining Onslaught to Elektra, for (checks notes) some reason.

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