26: …Though Some Call It Magic! (with Gerry Conway and Joshua Glenn)

The Doctor Doom story in 1971’s Astonishing Tales #8 was a landmark for the character–the story where we finally discovered his true motivation for amassing power–and we’ve got two guests this week to discuss it with Douglas. The first is the legendary Gerry Conway, who wrote that story (at the age of 18!), and tells us about the history behind it. And then, as a bonus, writer/editor/semiotician Joshua Glenn (Hilobrow) tells us about how he discovered that issue, as well as some related observations about the Bhagavad-Gita, Ruritanian romances, Sir Walter Scott, Darth Vader, etc.

And after THAT level of guest firepower, we need a little break! So the V.O.L. will be taking next week off; we’ll be back on August 31 with an episode about a story that was a different kind of landmark for Victor Von Doom.

(If he can pause for a moment–in multiple senses–so can we!)

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