14: Bedlam at the Baxter Building! (with Chelsea Gaia)

Chelsea Gaia–co-host of “Experience: A Career Stories Podcast,” and a former wedding photographer–joins Douglas Wolk to discuss Fantastic Four Annual #3, Marvel Heroes & Legends ’96, and Fantastic Four 40th Wedding Anniversary Special. Topics include Roz Kirby’s possible influence on Susan Storm’s wedding outfit, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s surprising final collaboration, which superhero picks up the check when everybody goes to eat at Tavern on the Green, and why honeymooning in the Blue Area of the Moon is a terrible idea.

Here’s the panel Chels talks about for a while near the end of the episode.
The original art for the first scene of Fantastic Four Annual #3–note Kirby’s marginal indication that ripping up the newspaper hurts Doom’s recently injured hands.
A bit from Heroes and Legends ’96.

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