17: Behold the Savage Sky! (with James Romberger)

James Romberger – artist (Post York, 7 Miles a Second, The Late Child and Other Animals), teacher, and author of “Steranko: The Self-Created Man” – joins Douglas Wolk to discuss Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury serial in Strange Tales #160-167… in which Doctor Doom only appears in a single image at the very end, but WHAT AN IMAGE IT IS. Topics include Steranko’s formal innovations, the early connections between Steranko and Art Spiegelman, and the chessboard motif in this story. (Also: apologies for the slightly glitchy sound quality this week!)

Here’s that image with Doom in it. We’ll be seeing a couple of variations on this down the line…

Also, this Thursday (June 17, 2021), at 10 AM West Coast time, Douglas will be appearing on a panel (on YouTube!) with Stephanie Burt, Evan Narcisse and Danny Fingeroth, as part of Amerikahaus’s celebration of 60 years of the Marvel universe!

One other piece of podcast-related news: we’re now available through Stitcher. If there are other podcast platforms that you prefer, drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

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