5: Tomorrow Belongs to Me (with Alex Ross)

Alex Ross, the author of “Wagnerism: Art and Politics in the Shadow of Music,” joins us to discuss Invaders #32-33, in which Adolf Hitler opens a dimensional portal to Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold (more or less) to retrieve Thor in order to convince him to go assassinate Josef Stalin, and Doctor Doom is–somehow–also involved. (That’s him in the bandages at lower left.)

Douglas also provides a bit of scene-setting that touches on 1998’s Marvel Universe #2, which establishes that the version of Doom we see in those Invaders issues is time-traveling from sometime around Fantastic Four #17… or, at least, that this is about as late as that version of Doom could be time-traveling from (the newsstand we see here has copies of both Amazing Fantasy and Amazing Adventures for sale, so we can assume that they’re not too on top of returns).

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